A leader amongst it's kind, this warrior will join your cause... if you can prove yourself worthy. His wide range of specialties include striking fear into those who oppose you and utilising his keybone for opening locks... if he hadn't already lost it to an Evil Hound.


A Skeleton Captain Scroll can be found from defeating a Skeleton Captain (Tier 8).

It has a 70% chance to give you a pet Skeleton Captain.

It can also be bought from the merchant at the Emporium for 200 Black Diamonds.


Skeleton Captain
Skeletoncaptain HP: 7
ATK: 1.2 MAG: 0.8
PDF: 0.7 MDF: 0.7
ACY: 0.6 EVA: 0.5
FOC: 0.6 RES: 0.5
ATK: 100