Ninja Level Bonus Shared Level Bonus
HP: 14 PDF: 1.2 EVA: 0.7 ACY: 0.3
ATK: 1.6 MDF: 0.8 FOC: 0.3 Boss DMG: 001%
MAG: 0.4 ACY: 0.6 RES: 0.5 Puncture Chance: 0.0005%
Name Level Rate Effect
Shadow Stab 50 1/50* Physical DMG
Cloak 200 1/35* Buff
Splice 500 1/300* Physical DMG
Shadow Stab Shadowstab is a Physical damage ability that has a chance to inflict a Deep Wound on it's target, doubling the skills damage. Targets who are hit with Shadowstab will also be affected by the Infultrate debuff, increasing all skill damage for a duration of seconds.
Cloak Upon using Cloak, the Ninja will be granted a Buff to EVA and RES for a duration of turns.
Splice Splice is a Physical Damage Ability that also gives the Ninja an increase to their PDF by a percentage during the turn it's used. Target's who are hit with Splice will also be affected with the Vulnerable debuff, lowering the opponent's PDF and MDF for an amount of turns.

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* Needs Update