The information below is from a prior version of the gameEdit


To view the name of a map and its tier, hover over it. Clicking on a map will redirect you to the monsters that reside there. The teleports between certain maps aren't shown, because this game is all about figuring things out yourself. This map is just to show you might not have been at some maps, and to tell you where the next tier is.

Have fun exploring!


Locked Pathway - Tier 6Ethon - Tier 5Klume Mine - Tier 0Grasslands - Tier 5Swamp - Tier 4End Room - Tier 7North Beach - Tier 1Dark Hallway - Tier 4Dirty Path - Tier 3Energy Room - Tier 4Highlands - Tier 3Dragon Stone - Tier 4Jendo Side Room - Tier 8Thicket - Tier 5Freeland - Tier 4Dusty Corridor - Tier 4&6Pillar Room - Tier 6Crone Room - Tier 7Forest - Tier 2Valley Of Ice - Tier 14Nolen - Tier 9East Lava Flow - Tier 12Dragon Stone Fortress Level 2 - Tier 5Jendo South Wall - Tier 11Beach Dungeon - Tier 1Lava Pit - Tier 12Path To Jendo - Tier 8Portal Maze - Tier 6Dragon Stone Fortress Level 1 - Tier 4Sandy Beach - Tier 1&2Naga Temple - Tier 0Drylands - Tier 4Muddy Den - Tier 4Cold Path - Tier 14Pit - Tier 3Ferrin Garden - Tier 0Jendo Hallway - Tier 10Training Area - Tier 1Worldmap
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