Gathering is the process of either mining metals or extracting oils from plants. Gathered metals and oils are used to sharpen/infuse weapons or upgrade buildings.

Gathering is improved by double. Uncommonly, you may also find "great finds" increasing your yield an additional 25%, 50%, or x2.

Rarely, globals may be found with a large quantity of material in it. The amount is based on the level of your gathering profession.



Mining can be done 2 maps south of the guild hall.

As of June 14, mining has become available; at the moment only metal can be mined.

Planned Mining Materials are Copper, Iron, Silver, and Titanium.



Gathering can be done at meadow 3 (1 map west and 3 maps south of guild hall.)

As of June 22, gathering has become available; at the moment only oil can be gathered.

Planned Gathering Materials are Roots, Ginger, Powder, and Mushrooms.


YIELD: 14 + (tradeskill lev / 4) * random(1.01, 1.2)

EXP GAIN: 1+(yield / 5) * random (1.01, 1.2)


Milestones are earned for gaining levels of proficiency with whatever gathering profession you may be doing.

Milestones may be a requirement for higher-area trade-skilling (i.e. Master Mining).

Currently, these are the known milestones, and are common for all trade-skills.

Level Rank Reward
75 Novice 50,000
120 Apprentice 80,000
150 Rookie 100,000
200 Intermediate 125,000
275 Seasoned 150,000
375 Adept 250,000
500 Devoted 25 Black Diamonds
920 Skillful 32 Energy Stones
1500 Proficient 1.2 Million
2000 Accomplished 7.5 Million
2500 Competent 60 M Gold
3500 Practiced 15 Million
4000 Accurate 22 Million
Mining Metal
Gathering Oil
All Black Diamonds
Energy Stones