Explorer Level Bonus Shared Level Bonus
HP: 15 PDF: 1.0 EVA: 0.6 MDF: 0.3
ATK: 1.1 MDF: 1.0 FOC: 0.6 EXP: 0.04
MAG: 1.1 ACY: 0.6 RES: 0.6 Evasion: 1
Name Level Rate Effect
Slash 50 1/30* Physical DMG
Spark 200 1/40* Magic DMG
Ravage 500 x Pet Buff
Corrode 1200 x Physical DMG
Slash Slash is a Physical attack that applies additional Physical Damage to it's opponents. Upon being slashed, an opponent will be debuffed with a Blind effect for a duration of seconds. Slash has an additional effect that has a chance of applying a Tesla Field around it's opponent that reduces the targets resistance each turn. Using the Explorer's other ability, Spark on a target caught in Tesla Field will double Spark's ability damage.
Spark Spark is Magical Attack that applies additional Magic Damage to it's opponents, with a chance to Electrocute the target, causing double the skills damage. An opponent who has been hit with spark will be affected with the status affect, Feeble. Feeble lowers the ATK and MAG of it's opponent for a duration of seconds.
Ravage Ravage is a Buff that directly affects the Explorer's Pet. This Buff increases the Pet's ATK for the duration of turns it is active, as well as it's ACY. If Ravage is still in affect upon Victory, this buff has an additional affect of increases the amount of EXP a pet earns but an additonal percent.
Corrode Corrode is a Physical Attack that applies additional Physical damage to it's opponents. This attack also applies the Vulnerable status affect on it's opponents which lowers their PDF and MDF for a duration of seconds. Targets who are hit with Corrode have a chance to be hit with Dissolve which doubles the amount of PDF and MDF the Opponent loses. This debuff can be stacked on an enemy.

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