Character Classes Edit

In role-playing games (RPG), a common method of arbitrating the capabilities of different game characters is to assign each one to a character class. A character class aggregates several abilities and aptitudes, and may also detail aspects of background and social standing, or impose behavior restrictions. Classes may be considered to represent archetypes, or specific careers. RPG systems that employ character classes often subdivide them into levels of accomplishment, to be attained by players during the course of the game.

In Mordor 3, there are two types of Character Classes: Combat and Profession.

Combat Classes Edit

In Mordor 3, Combat type Classes are the most numerous, and often most prevalent, given that combat is a large part of the game. Classes run along normal Fantasy archtypes, and each offers a boost to a specific character stat. In addition, each class offers a 'perk' that gets stronger every 25 levels. See the chart below for more information on the boosts and perks specific to each Class.

BARBARIAN Melee Tank Physical Defense TBD
CLERIC Healer Class Focus Faith (+1 to all heal spells per 25 levels)
EXPLORER Hybrid Class Magic Defense Connoisseur (+1 xp per kill per 25 levels)
KNIGHT Melee DPS Physical Attack/Damage Pet Savvy (+1 pet xp per kill per 25 levels)
NINJA Melee DPS Accuracy Assassination (+1 damage to Bosses per 10 levels)
PALADIN Resist Tank Resistance TBD
THIEF Melee DPS Evasion Bleed Em Dry (+1 gold per kill per 25 levels)
WIZARD Magic DPS Magic Attack/Damage Arcane Carnage (+1 damage to Champions per 10 levels)

Profession Classes Edit

Currently there are two Profession Classes: Mining and Gathering. Levels in these classes can only be attained while actively engaged in the profession activity, and higher levels denote a higher amount of resources that can be pulled per turn.

Profession Resource Notes
Mining Metal The mine is located in the 'Teco Mine' Tier 3 map, located due south two maps from the Guild Hall.

Currently, there is a quest for this profession called "Jacob's Request" that allows you to collect 'Fusion Stones' while mining and turn them in for Energy Crystals.

Gathering Oil The plant is located in the 'Meadow 3' Tier 2 map (M-3),located one map west and three maps south of the Guild Hall.
Ranking Profession Level Required
Novice 75
Intermediate 200
Advanced TBD
Master TBD