Champions are stronger than the tier they are located at. The bigger the effort, the bigger the spoils! They give more experience and gold than the monsters from the same tier. Note that auto off doesn't affect a champion's reward, it's the same if your auto is on or off. Upon killing a champion you get a global saying "NAME has killed a CHAMPIONNAME". All champions have a chance to drop a Black Diamond.

Area ChampionsEdit

Certain tiers have a champion that resides on a specific tile in a map. Upon entering that tile, you'll get the option to look for the champion and kill it. You can only kill the champion if you haven't beating it some time ago, meaning there's a respawn timer.

Stationary Champions
Forest Shadow (Sandy Beach) Scorpio (Pit) Bone Crawler (Swamp)
Forestshadow TIER 2 Scorpio TIER 3 Bonecrawler TIER 4
HP 521 HP 680 HP 1,017
EXP 210 EXP 290 EXP 381
GOLD 220 GOLD 320 GOLD 319
TIME 30' TIME 30' TIME 45'
Scrinder (Thicket) Corrupt Nieler (Pillar Room)
Scrinder TIER 5 Corruptnieler TIER 6
HP 6,850 HP 8,022
EXP 677 EXP 768
GOLD 701 GOLD 790
TIME 45' TIME 45'

Wandering ChampionsEdit

Some champions prefer not to settle down in a lair, but roam the lands in search for riches... AND BLOOD! A wandering champion can be encountered in the appropriate tiers when moving or searching for a fight.

Fire Golem Rine Beast Rough Winder
Firegolem TIER 2~6 Rinebeast TIER 4~8 Roughwinder TIER 6~10
HP 1375 HP 7420 HP 9450
EXP 390 EXP 736 EXP 1024
GOLD 445 GOLD 733 GOLD 1055