The Bronze Key kind of looks like a silver key. Except it's brownish. And it tastes kind of sour on your tongue.


Some monsters happen to be carrying them around. Did they meet a gullible janitor and trick them into giving them his keys? But that wouldn't explain the blood on the monster's axe...

Obtained Edit

Bronze Keys are obtained randomly from looting Tier 7 and above Creatures.


Bronze Keys currently have two uses, both of which come with their own rewards.

  • A large gate in Jendo Gate 1, a Tier 10 area, is able to be unlocked with these keys giving you access to two otherwise inaccessible areas, both of which include an additional Node. The first is a Tier 10 Lurker, Jendo Guardian, which can be found once opening the gate in the form of a menacing statue. The second Node can be found in the area just beyond, where it's been said a single barrel is used as a thieves stash.
  • The second use for Bronze Keys can be found Under Ground in the Caverns. The Left Grave in Cavern 15, a Tier 16 area, is a node that will occasionally give the player a chance to dig up a Bronze Chest. The only way to unlock this treasure is with the use of a Bronze Key. However, robbing this grave comes with it's own risk. Not all dead are at rest.