General InfoEdit

When killing monsters in a certain map, they all have a chance to activate a global battle event. Upon spawning it generates a message in the chat. All players can join the fight, and those who survive untill the end reap the rewards. The rewards are NOT split, each player recieves them! Once a boss has been defeated, all players (including those that did not join or those who died) will recieve a buff. Upon dying, there's another global stating the boss has been defeated and it states howmuch experience and gold the victors recieved.


Massive Undead Mist (Swamp) Gigantic Vorious Carrier (Thicket) Crone Lord (Portal Maze)
File:Massiveundeadmist.jpg HP 32,550 File:Giganticvoriouscarrier.jpg HP 39,800 Cronelord HP 48,390
EXP 1,360 EXP 1,785 EXP 2,410
GOLD 1,433 GOLD 1,900 GOLD 3,088