On this page, you'll recieve all information necessary to start playing mordor3, or to enrich your future sessions!


Mordor 3 Browser Based Idle MMO RPG - Tutorial 1 -

Mordor 3 Browser Based Idle MMO RPG - Tutorial 1 -

Tutorial video 2

Tutorial video 2

The developer of this game has made two basic instruction videos how to get started and explaining various mechanics. They aren't up to date and may differ from the current game.


The game has eight classes. To switch your class, visit the Guild hall located in the Training Area. You can switch your class at any given point. When switching classes, your experience points will be saved. Your pet will be unsummoned and equipment unequipped.

Each class gains specific bonuses upon leveling.


There are currently three kinds of pets available in-game: Beach Crawler, Evil Hound and the Skeleton Captain. To acquire a pet, one must kill the corresponding monster and hope for a rare drop: a pet scroll. Upon activating the scroll, the player has a 70%/75% chance to recieve the pet. To summon a pet, click the button called 'Pets' and click 'Summon' next to the pet that you want to summon.

Each pet gains specific bonuses upon leveling, and grants you a global congratulatory message every 100 levels.

Black DiamondsEdit

Black Diamonds are the premium currency in this game, but they're obtainable by non-donating players as well. They can be recieved from reward boxes (a semi-rare drop from all monsters), they can be found buried in the ground or hidden in bushes and some monsters are known to carry some around... They don't plan on just giving them to you, so be ready to put up a fight!

You can spend them in the Magic Emporium for all kinds of boosts.


When killing a monster, its soul is absorbed by your soul bar. After 50 kills, your soul bar fills up and you get one soul. You can spend these souls in the Armis Temple for global permanent boosts.


The exp required to reach level X with your character is

  EXP = 30*X² - 60*X + 90

The amount of experience points necessary to reach level X on a pet is

  PET_EXP = 20*X² - 40*X + 60

The cost for the X'th auto in Black Diamonds is:

  COST = ROUNDDOWN[ 1,25 * (X - 5) ]