The Armis Temple is home to a group of monks that use the souls of the dead to boost the powers of the living.

At the Armis Temple players can bring souls they have collected from battle and use them for global upgrades that the all players of Mordor benefit from. These upgrades are permanent and let players work toward the common goal of helping each other.

The current upgrades that are available are as followed:

Boost Name Description
Enhance Auto Each upgrade of this gives one more auto battle to all players.
Boss Chance Increases the chance of spawning bosses by 3 points per upgrade.
Boss Reward Increases the exp and gold given by bosses by 1% per upgrade.
Energy Flow Increases the duration of energy flow (30% + to all stats). Adds 1 extra energy flow turn fro bosses and 3 extra energy flow turns from events per upgrade.
+Exp+ Increases the chance of refreshing the manual +Exp+ (double exp) skill per upgrade.
Gold Rush Increases the amount of gold per kill by 1 with each upgrade.
Savior Reduces exp loss on death by 10 points per upgrade.

Souls can be donated in increments of 100, 1000, 10k, and 100k.

Armis Event

The Armis temple is also home to some events that require the defense of the temple. During these events you'll get more exp for fighting in the area and a boost at the end if both waves of defense are completed.

The first stage will allow you to battle on the map south of the temple as well as the actual temple map. If the first way is defended against the second wave must be fought on the temple map. After both waves are defended against a global buff reward will be handed out.